Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bento Project # 6: Yakisoba Pan Bento

If you're a fan of japanese high school students anime , drama or manga you'll surely come across this food called the yakisoba pan (yakisoba stuffed in a bun).

Boy and girl sharing a yakisoba pan in a scene from Q.E.D Shomei Shuryo... how cute!

This recipe I've created is a simplified version of yakisoba - because I thought it would be hard for some of you to buy the special ingredients like yakisoba noodles or yakisoba sauce. So, I used spaghetti and a self made sauce. Please try it out. It's easy and delicious!


  1. Your blog is amazing! Keep up the great job! I'll have to watch you! :3 ^__^

  2. Omg that looks so good :D I'm going to try and make that :D